The Math Behind No Good Deed Going Unpunished

Pearls Before Swine


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One Response to “The Math Behind No Good Deed Going Unpunished”

  1. Bill Kirkendale Says:

    No good deed is ever punished…It is only punished if you let it be punished…I’m 73 years young and I have spent my whole life trying to do good deeds for my fellow human beings…Instead of being punished…I have been blessed far beyond my dreams..As my good friend Rich knows I have no sympathy or forgiveness in my heart for stupidity…And it is stupidity that has been at the forefront many times of my curmudgeonly assault on mankind’s absurdities..

    Go Sit in the back of the bus…Don’t ask don’t tell…separate but equal…Plus a thousand wars in the name of religion …..are just a few of my favorite things…Oh I mean absurdities.. When people ask me about my Abs…They’re not talking about my stomach muscles…They’re talking about my absurdities..So fight on my sweet prince…The days of stupidity are still upon us. Bill Kirkendale

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