Being Good Non-profit Employees

One of the things you’re always told about working in non-profits (and small businesses) is that you need to be willing to do anything that needs to be done, even if it’s not in your job description.

So last Friday, Kirsten Teasdale and I proved that we’re willing. Meg Ventrudo, executive director of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, offered us old pedestals, built by Jim Clements (who I know from South Street Seaport Museum, coincidentally), with plexiglass tops.

We’ll use them to display items for or from the Rutan-Beckett House (which is supposed to open FY2010 but no date has been set yet) in the Visitors’ Center.

Here are photos of us in front of the Visitors’ Center. The temperature hovered around 55 degrees F; the paint can said the paint shouldn’t be applied if the temperature was lower than 50 degrees.

Note: The original connection to the Tibetan Museum was through Materials for the Arts. If you’re in the five boroughs and you’re a non-profit, you need to sign up and visit their warehouse. It’s wonderful: Tons of fabric, furniture, office equipment, paint, paper, etc., etc., and the only cost is a thank-you letter.

If you’re not a non-profit but have good things you need to get rid of, donate them to MFTA. Win-win.


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