Think Collaboration (from HHT Session)

Finding and working with collaborators is more important than worrying about competitors, said the conference organizers, Susan Schear of Artisin and Elizabeth Wagner of JC Geever.

Potential collaborators include libraries (libraries will translate brochures and flyers into different languages, they said), hotels, faith-based organizations, chambers of commerce, business improvement districts, restaurants, government agencies, banks, businesses, book clubs, realtors, PTAs, etc.

Hotels are an interesting case, Susan and Elizabeth said, especially ones outside the city (in the boroughs or suburbs). They often host family reunions and after a day or so, family members will be looking for things to do within walking distance of the hotel.

Collaborate on events to:

  • Build your brand.
  • Get a bigger platform.
  • Impress potential donors—donors want to see collaboration.
  • Help you and your partner broaden both your networks by sharing email and snail mail lists, for example, or cross-publicizing events in your respective newsletters.

However, be careful to pick the right partner. Don’t dilute your brand; collaborate on something that matches both parties’ missions.

You can also seek grants together, but make sure that it’s in the best interest of both parties—you’ll be stuck with each other if you get the money.


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