More on posting 990s

Oddly enough, South Street Seaport has posted their 990 on their website. (“Oddly” because they have been extremely late to provide the 990s to New York State in the past.) They did two interesting things to protect privacy:

  • On the list of officers, directors, trustees, and key employees, they used the museum’s address for each person instead of his or her actual address.
  • CEO Mary Pelzer’s signature is covered over. Not well, but at least you’d have a hard time lifting it off the page.

Good ideas, and a good job. Anyone else have ideas about posting a 990 without providing too much information?


One Response to “More on posting 990s”

  1. rrustchak Says:

    Hmmmm… South Street certainly does “live the non-profit life”, doesn’t it? Certainly a maritime tradition of long standing.

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