Raising money online, from TechSoup

These three articles at TechSoup.org answer three questions that non-profits often have:

How do you get funders to pay for computers? See “Ten Tips for Funding Technology” by Bennett Grassano. See especially tips 3, 4, and 5: Focus on your mission first; budget technology as shared costs, not overhead; and search for funders using terms like “capacity building.”

Online Fundraising Tactics: What Works?” by Karen Matheson, Eve Fox. A comparison of multiple vs. single appeals, deadlines vs. no deadlines, matching gifts vs. no matching gifts, and dollar goals vs. no goals.

How can you make money via the Internet without spending oodles of time? “Search Engines Help Nonprofits Raise Funds, Get Publicity, by Brian Satterfield. Once you get GoodSearch and Google Grants set up and publicized among your constituents, they basically just keep plugging along on their own.


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One Response to “Raising money online, from TechSoup”

  1. Angela Says:

    I found these articles very helpful. I think Techsoup is the best. Thanks for posting using info.

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